Since you are inquiring about purchasing a high value item, we recommend obtaining an appraisal with your purchase. Over the years, the value of your jewelry and gemstones can fluctuate greatly.

You could risk a substantial financial loss if your jewelry is lost, stolen or damaged. For your protection, we recommend having your jewelry appraised every two years.

If you are going to make an investment in one of our items, we want you to protect that investment. In order to obtain insurance for 

The appraisal features these unique attributes:

  • •  A complete breakdown of your item including diamond specs, grades, other stone grading, metal type and weight, and era of the piece.your item, you will need a signed official appraisal document. 
  • •  A photograph of your piece
  • •  A retail replacement value
  • •  Signed by our GIA Certified Gemologist

This official appraisal document can be purchased for just $35.00. This appraisal will give you the peace of mind knowing your item is completely secure and your investment is protected. If you have any questions please give us a call at 313-846-3700 The value stated in the appraisal reflects the retail replacement for a comparable item. Since we offer wholesale prices to our customers, the actual retail value will be higher than your cost. This appraisal can be used for insuring your piece, however, it should not be confused with a repair warranty. 




Our charges for sizing are $75 for Gold, and $100 for Platinum. While most rings can be sized before sent, there are some, such as Tiffany pieces, that are non-returnable once sized. So, if  you purchase one of these particular items, we may ask to send you the item first so that you can visually approve it and decide whether or not you want to keep it, and then have you send it back to us for sizing. 


Please be aware that any item that has been sized, altered or damaged by another jeweler in any way will NOT be returnable.

Most of our rings can be sized up or down by a good amount, but if you have any questions as to whether a ring can be made as large or as small as you need, please don't hesitate to ask! We are hear to help! Give us a call at 313-846-3700, and we will be happy to discuss any sizing questions you may have.