Lab Grown Diamond 3.02 G VS2 Certified IGI Pendant Ring Earring

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LAB - G512
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Lab Grown Diamond 3.02 G VS2 Certified IGI Pendant Ring Earring


Diamond is Inscribed and Matches the IGI Certificate so you are 100% Assured 

We Can Set in a Pendant, Ring, Earring, in White, Yellow or Rose Gold for an Additional Charge

Master Jeweler is Onsite and Can be done Same Day as Purchase

Lab Grown Diamonds are REAL Diamonds 

Real Value

Eco Friendly 

Citied Benefit is their Environmental Sustainability

Cost Effective Choice is 40% More Affordable than Earth-Mined Diamonds

Identical to Earth Mined Diamonds in Every way Except they are Grown in a Lab

Same Physical, Mechanical and Optical Properties as a Mined Diamond

Emits the Same Sparkle, Fire & Ice, Scintillation and Luster

Grown by using advanced technology to recreate the identical conditions under which natural diamonds develop

Diamond Spec/Quality

1 Lab Grown Diamond 

3.02 Carat Total Weight 

Laser Inscribed: "LABGROWN IGI LG496118151"

Shape: Round Brilliant

Color: G (Near Colorless)

Clarity:  VS2 (No Visible Characteristics)

Cut: Very Good  (Almost all of the light entering the diamond is reflected back through the top allowing for maximum brilliance, sparkle and fire)

Measurements: 9.43 - 9.46 x 5.40 mm

Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: None

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